Our Vision

Our Mission

Opening minds, changing lives

Our passion is to reach out to the hopeless people in our communities and society and offer them hope and a reason to live. Drawing strength from our national diversity, experience and technical partnership both from within and outside, we shall promote creative, innovative social and economic development solutions to the many challenges that we are faced with. Children will receive Biblical teachings through stories, songs, drama and will be encouraged to connect to a local church. We are passionate about making the Gospel of Jesus Christ known.

Our Goals

Empowering our Community

The organisation will break the cycle of poverty, gender inequality and vulnerability to HIV in Zambia by providing our target group with access to education and knowledge; health services; life-skills; computer, business and entrepreneurship skills; and micro-finance services. Our aim is to run regular feeding programs, care for the poor and elderly, to provide a house of worship and offer an array of solutions to as many people as possible. The organisation will also enhance the effective participation of poor women and men in democratic governance, development process and other levels of decision-making. We shall endeavour to be the voice to the voiceless among many other things we shall engage ourselves in archiving our vision and objectives.

Our Values

Helping. Healing. Caring.

Transparency, Honesty, Excellence & Upliftment, We pride ourselves in excellence and are passionate about seeing a community uplifted.